Art-Deco has been working in the interior design since 2006. Having а firm position in the market of design in Siberia, we are developing and broadening our market outside the region. Within the years of our work together with constructors and subcontractors we have raised 150 objects in the cities of Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Tomsk regions and even in Moscow and Sochi. Besides, geography of our works is not limited by the territory of Russia. Dealing with the partners from Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, Belorussia and China, we design buildings in different cities of those countries.

         Today Art-Deco staff are professionals: designers, architectures, artists who are devoted to their profession. For each of us design is more than just a job! We are proud of our team – the team which works on projects in different countries, faces the future confidently and offers only a quality service!

         Being very inquisitive, we never mark time. In our point of view, designers can develop themselves and offer creative ideas only if they constantly train, attend exhibitions and take part in different competitions in Russia and other countries as well.

         Our designers are rewarded with letters of commendation and certificates, their articles are published in different design magazines. Besides, they have taken part in TV projects many times.

Working on a project we do our best to combine your wishes and our knowledge in the area of interior design and ergonomics. We suppose that if every detail in your house is functional, it guarantees a well-organized room!